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"This must be the quickest turnaround of a machine fix I have seen involving a supplier, that includes UK, I know where I would be purchasing my machines for the future with that kind of service.."


    -Andy Lambert, 

"For years we struggled with the trim scrap from our slitting process. Once we purchased two trim choppers from PPCM I knew we finally found the solution. Those choppers run two shifts a day without any maintenance. We haven’t even sharpened the cutters in 5 years. The next four are on order today."


    -Maintenance Supervisor, 
     North Atlantic Coast,
     Slitting Converter

"Every time I call PPCM for parts or a question there is someone there to help me. And I don’t mean just to take an order, but also to give advice or help with an unusual problem. I wish all customer support was that well organized and free!"


     -Maintenance Supervisor,
      Wisconsin Rotary Slitting Company

"When we first received the Model 183 low height partition assembler I was skeptical that it would assemble such small fiber partitions. Now I am a believer. We have eliminated most of our hand assembly of small fiber partitions."


     -Product Engineer 
      Leading European Fiber

"We first looked at the Model 229 Full Automatic Multi-cell Assembler 5 years ago. It was amazing to see a machine like that work. To completely assemble fiber partitions with 12 to 200 cells on one machine was just unbelievable. Now we have our own and I don’t know why we waited so long."


      Midwest Fiber
      partition manufacturer

"Our company purchased a Model 41 hand feed slitting complex 15 years ago. Since that time we have added an automatic Palletizer and sheet feeder to the complex. This machinery still runs as good as the day we received it. They told me it would last longer than me and now I believe it."


     -Process Development Engineer, 
      New England Slitting Converter

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