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Premier Paper Converting Machinery Corrugated Die Cutter

At Premier we are interested in what we can do for you – how we can help complete a line, an operation, a system…how we can provide a complete solution, one that improves your operation. The goal is to improve your productivity and profitability. We get there by optimizing your production process. Our machinery ties everything together to create the best solution for your budget and production needs.

You are not just looking for a fiber stripper - you are looking for ways to produce a quality product quicker, cleaner, less expensively and profitably. At Premier we have become experts in efficiency, supplying you with the best solution for your production needs. We solve problems, sort out messes and help to transform our customer’s business. Our customers succeed because we help them become more productive.Our stripping machinery is specifically made for fiber or corrugated partition strips and pads and is available to produce clean punch configuration slots and “V” slots simultaneously for ease and speed of assembly. Machinery is available in several width and height capacities to solve even your most difficult production needs.

Stripping Machinery