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91 Partition Assembler Pusher Bar Retrofit kit

October 22, 2019

A Faster Way to Remount Pusher Bars


Premier Paper Converting Machinery introduces a new way of remounting the pusher bars for a quicker set-up. Avoid the hassle of having to use an Allen wrench every time to remove and reinsert dozens of screws. New spring-loaded pusher bars simply click out of current position and click into a new position in a matter of seconds.



  • Faster set-up time. New style pusher bars are made to quickly be removed by pushing the bar towards one side and removing it from the clip. They are put on to the next clip within seconds.

  • Money saver. Clips that have a threaded hole for pusher bar mounting wear out over time, with the new design there is no need to remove and tighten any screws while moving the bar.

  • Universal fit. If your belt is in good condition, there is no need to replace the belt. Shoulder screws provided for mounting will thread into your existing clips making the conversion very easy. No need to purchase additional components.


Time Study: Reduce Set-Up Time by up to 75%


A time study was performed to see how long it would take to remove and mount two bars in a new location. With the old style, it took a total of 90 seconds to remove and remount the pusher bars. With the new style it took only 13 seconds to achieve the same result.  On average it would take about 20 minutes total to measure and remount the bars. This can be achieved in less than 5 minutes with the new style. That is less than 25% of the current set-up time.


Here is the time study video that we performed





New Style





















Old Style 


















Standard Retrofit kit includes:


(32) Pusher bar assemblies

(384) Stripper bolts

(2) Tubes of Loctite












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