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T-Slot Retrofit Kit Reduces Set Up Time by up to 66%

June 3, 2019

Reduce Set Up Time, Save On Repairs


Premier Paper Converting Machinery's new T-Slot Setup Plate Retrofit Kit drastically reduces the setup time previously recorded of its predecessor by up to 66%.  The new T-Slot option also saves on repairs and greatly increases the convenience should there be a need for replacement.


Today two screws are used to lock the bottom die base in place, one on each end.  The old method of locking the die base in place using clamps made use of multiple screws.  Over time threads on the base plate will wear out, leading to expensive repairs or base plate replacement.  With the new T-slot option, you only replace the bottom T-nut.



PPCM Time Study


PPCM performed a time study to track the amount of time saved by the new system.  The study was done to measure how long it would take to clamp two dies that are 4” apart.  With the old style, it was recorded that it took total of 2 minutes to clamp and tighten all 12 screws.  With the T-slot option, it only took 40 seconds to set up and tighten the 4 screws needed.




Old Style Base Plate


Example: Having a set-up that requires 8 dies, clamping them down would take roughly 8 minutes.  Using T-slots, this can be achieved in less than 3 minutes, cutting your clamping time in more than half!








































New Style Base Plate With T-Slot


STANDARD Retrofit kit includes:


 (1) Base plate

(30) Clamps

(30) T-nuts

(30) Screws



















Ordering Information


For easy ordering use following part numbers: B-209-173 for Imperial version.


For metric version use B-209-173M.


Please contact PPCM for custom t-slot retrofit kits.




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