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Internet, Packaging and Shipping: Is Seamless Integration Possible?

February 12, 2015


The Internet Shrinks the World While Our Shipping Demands Intensify.


We are not bystanders to the revolution that is the internet.  The internet’s transformation is nourished by our innate attraction for its complete and utter synthesis with our daily social lives, as a means to streamline/eradicate monotonous tasks, and to make purchases from anywhere in the world. No longer considered to be merely an abstract entity, it is clear the internet now resides all around us, finding new ways to grant our requests as conveniently and as cost effectively as possible.

Changing the Game


As the effects of internet shopping reverberate with increasing intensity, businesses continue to expend more resources towards online web platforms, advertisements, and technological upgrades, bracing for a consumer influx of monumental proportions. Dueling for the top spots on search engines and other media stages, competing businesses diversify their online presence to attain higher consumer visibility and increased product/service engagement. The correlating relationships of high consumer demand, the competitive nature of business, digital device capabilities, and online security, will determine just how fast the internet will continue to evolve. As our digital world becomes more intuitive, we can buy products as fast as we can click, but how will product shipping capabilities and speed adjust to meet the seemingly exponential delivery demand that internet shopping creates?



Shipping Reform


Far removed from the Pony Express of the 19th century, the packaging industry has matured into the bustling service that we see today, capable of delivering parcels in large quantities all around the world. Advances in technology have provided postal services with added capabilities, allowing for higher accuracy and more efficient delivery to keep up with increasing demand—but speed will always be lacking. No matter how quickly a product reaches our hands’, we will likely never attain an item the instant we purchase it online. Is it possible that the packaging/shipping industries (or individual businesses) will make great strides in the coming decades, better equipped to blur the line between where internet purchasing starts and delivery ends? Most believe that this is absolutely the case. As long as online commerce exists, packaging and shipping will be at the forefront of its advancement to ensure its success.



What exciting packaging/shipping changes or innovations are in development that can deliver speed, ease of use, and sustainability?







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